Hello! I’m back with another instalment of “Women in Bloom”, the blog series where I profile an Australian woman in business who is blooming and following her small business dreams.

The businesses profiled will be as diverse and unique as the women themselves, but you will hear common themes in their stories. Following passions, discovering talents and taking “leaps” are all common with women who start small businesses. Women also excel at forming partnerships and working collaboratively with other women. I believe that women are natural networkers and nurturers of friendships, and these skills can be your best tools in building a small business.

Today, I’m excited to introduce you to Emma Francis, a coach and mentor for business owners and managers in the salon/spa industry. Emma’s based near Brisbane, Queensland and works with clients in a variety of locations.

I’m lucky enough to count Emma as a friend and I met her at our kid’s school over 3 years ago. In that time, I’ve seen her face personal challenges with grace, and I’ve watched her take to her new career with passion and purpose. She has solid business experience in the industry she coaches, as well as a genuine passion for her clients and her industry.

Without further ado, let’s get to know Emma Francis.

Emma Francis

Emma Francis

Can you share the story of why you started your business?

After a rather serious life-altering health scare, I decided life was too short to keep doing something, anything… that didn’t make me happy. Whilst I had a fabulous career in the corporate world, I wasn’t fulfilling anything I had once set myself to aspire to become. I have a heart for the beauty industry and a head for business… so I decided it was time to commit to my goals and make them happen (or at least give it a really good shot)! As a ‘Frog’ salon business coach in the beauty and hair industry I am fulfilling my love of both in addition to a more rewarding work/life/Mum balance.

When did you start your small business?

August 2016

Tell us more about the services you offer.

I coach and mentor business owners and managers in the salon/spa industry, provide ‘fun’ sales and leadership training, support in various business aspects such as marketing, recruitment, HR, process, quality and systems… basically helping them to run more efficient and successful salons, making them more money. Helping to realise and achieve financial and personal goals. Each month my clients receive comprehensive reports to track their performance and their staffs progress. Each month I conduct a ‘one on one’ meeting with the owner/manager and then run an ‘in salon’ team sessions and periodical ‘one on one’ staff sessions, followed by setting up a monthly challenge.

If you had to name one activity that “lights you up” in your business, what would that be?

Just one?? There is nothing more rewarding than witnessing the ‘wins’ and ‘success’ that comes as a result from my FUN team sessions… receiving messages from therapists and stylists that didn’t believe in themselves but went on and smashed their targets. Developing and nurturing the talents of staff and watching their confidence soar, what a buzz!!!

I LOVE working with and re-educating owners in having a new approach to business, setting clear goals and targets, and then receiving phone calls from them after having a win… big or small… in tears, when they thought anything but success was their reality. At first, they usually resist, but in time and with trust, they listen… and the results shine through. From there, the relationship flourishes and opens up to more and more opportunity.

This is not just a business transaction. I come in when people are most vulnerable or ready to take the risk and go to the next level. My introduction comes with huge expectation, I take it as an honor to be invited into their worlds. If my influence has guided a salon to success in any way… I have done well. If I can help my salons hit their goals and targets, then I have hit mine and nothing compares to that feeling, their success is my success.

What’s your #1 tip for those just launching their business?

It won’t happen overnight and you will doubt yourself. Be patient. Break it down, prepare a clear plan, make some goals… and celebrate your achievements along the way, no matter how big or small! Just get on and do it… DO IT! You won’t be perfect to start with, you’ll make mistakes, it will take practice. Learn from every activity you conduct, score yourself, how will you do it better next time, what did you do great?

And… be prepared. I’m an ultra organized person, so it’s how I survive, but I do believe it’s a crucial element to success.

What exciting new products or services are you working on at the moment?

My session material is constantly evolving, I’m always researching new and exciting ways to deliver the training and connect with my teams. I’m also preparing to address a room full of salon owners at a skin care conference in April.

Do you have any offers you’d like to share with my readers?

I’m happy to meet with any salon owners for a complimentary one on one session. If we agree that Frog Coaching could be of benefit to your business then I would offer a complimentary team session and 2 week challenge to kick off your program.


A word from Carolyn…

Thanks so much Emma for letting us know about your fantastic coaching business. It sounds like you’ve really found your small business passion and it’s so lovely to hear you are able to support other women in business with your skills and knowledge.

If you, or someone you know, is trying to grow their salon business or has staff issues they would love help in managing, I highly recommend you contact Emma. She’s a very clever lady, and super-friendly as well.

You can get in touch with Emma Francis here:

Her preferred contact is via phone: 0417 003 937

Website: www.frogcoaching.com

Facebook: Emma Francis at Frog Salon Coaching, Queensland



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