Business Coaching Testimonials | What my lovely clients say

Working with someone new is a big step and I understand that small business resources are limited. Read my Business Coaching Testimonials to hear what other women say after working with me.

Before I started working with Carolyn I was struggling with just knowing where to start. I had a good basic knowledge of tax rules and accounting procedures, but knowing how to uncover and then start mapping out my own business goals was challenging without somebody ‘business-minded’ and non-judgmental to confide in.

Committing to work with a business coach is a big investment. As finances were tight, I worried about the cost of working with a coach. Every cent counts when you are starting a business. But you can’t put a price on good professional advice. Just as I would rather pay my accountant for her expertise at tax time, I think that the investment in professional coaching is money well spent.

Since working with Carolyn, I’m much more confident in my own decision-making process. I’m also less rigid and realise that by opening up to a coach, I’m able to gain another perspective and embrace ideas I had not thought of.

The best part of working with Carolyn is the laughter. I hadn’t realised that being more productive could be so much fun and that having a business meeting at IKEA is also pretty cool.

Michelle, Brisbane

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