Working from home, day-in and day-out, can be enough to drive even the sanest of us a bit batty.

Today I’m sharing my top 3 free co-working spaces in Logan City for days when you need to get out of your house and into society.

As someone running a small business from home, there are days when I just need to be somewhere else. If I hang around home too much, I find my creativity wanes and my motivation levels take a beating. Does this happen to you as well?

In Logan City, where I live, it’s unfortunate that we don’t have any dedicated co-working spaces (yet!). Most co-working spaces are located closer to Brisbane City, which is about a 20km drive from my house along the dreaded South-East Freeway. In my experience, any trips to the city on school days can be fraught with stress at school pick-up time. This is because I’m trying to make it back to school by 3pm while battling every Gold Coast tradesperson heading home for the day.

Since I’ve made peace with the fact that city trips are pretty much “out” for me on school days, I’ve become inventive at finding free spaces to work. You might be interested in using these spaces as well.

IKEA Logan

IKEA Logan is one of my favourite spaces to work. As long as I can resist the retail temptation this warehouse offers, I’m happily able to set up in a corner on one of their tables in the dining area and work on my laptop to my heart’s content.

The benefits of working at IKEA are:

      • Free Coffee and Tea re-fills after your initial purchase. Without an IKEA Family card, a cup retails for $2.99, and the coffee is yummy.
      • Free, fast wifi. Wifi is easily accessible with no password needed. In my experience, IKEA has one of the fastest free Wifi’s on offer in Logan City. I’m able to update my website while also checking email and editing graphics in Canva without any slowing of speed.
      • Power points are available with USB charging points, all clearly signed. It’s great that IKEA has done this as it makes it clear they welcome workers in their space.
      • The background noise is soothing. Working from home, sometimes the quiet drives me a little batty. In the IKEA dining area, I’m comforted by the sounds of happy families and background kitchen noise. If you prefer to work in a quiet environment, a pair of headphones would see you right.
      • Bathroom facilities are close and always very clean.
      • IKEA is a great place to meet someone new if you’re wanting to have a casual chat. With lot of people around, the environment is safe and IKEA is very easy to find.
      • Staff are friendly and never make you feel unwelcome. Even when I’ve sat in the same space all day, topping up my coffee and eating a cheap IKEA lunch, I’ve never been asked to move or felt pressured to buy something.

Logan City Council Libraries – Loganholme in particular

I’ve picked this library as it is closest to my home and also because it’s right next to Logan Hyperdome Shopping Centre. After a few productive hours of work, I’m conveniently able to pop over to the shops to pick up anything we need for dinner without having to drive to a different location. It’s also 5 minutes from my children’s school, so there is no stress for me at school pick-up time.

      • I work on the lower level of the library, which has lift access and accessible toilet facilities.
      • You’re welcome to eat on this level of the library and there is a food and drink vending machine with reasonably priced water.
      • The coffee here is average, so I either bring a coffee from home or pick one up on my way there in the morning.
      • Staff are very friendly and welcome workers in their space. They are also very helpful to people who need technical assistance with  the library’s printers and computers
      • There are ample phone charging stations and power points located near tables set along windows.
      • This space has an abundance of natural light, which is great if you’ve been a bit of a hermit at home.
      • Probably the only downside of working here is the slow wifi. Depending on demand, sometimes the wifi can be very slow. At these times, I tether to my mobile data and find that fixes things. Also, the wifi is only free for Logan City Council library card holders. I have a card so can get access, but it probably wouldn’t suit someone who needs wifi and isn’t a member.
      • Working in the library is great if I need to do some research or collect books to read at home.
      • The library has iPads and computers that can be hired and used while in the library. This is great for people just starting out in small business who don’t have the funds for their own equipment.

Local Cafes: Shortie’s Espresso Bar and Extraction Artisan Coffee

If I’m looking to fill an hour or two of my day with some productive work before school pick-up time, I love to pop in to Shortie’s Espresso Bar or Extraction Artisan Coffee.

      • The coffee at these two cafes is fantastic and the staff are very friendly. The meals are also of a very high quality.
      • Both spaces are welcoming of workers on laptops and it’s not unusual to see other people working away next to you.
      • Shorties can be a little noisy as the space is small, but as I’ve mentioned before, I like working in a bustling space.
      • Extraction has a larger floor plan and has more tables to pick from. Finding the cafe can be a challenge the first time, but it’s located next to Staunch Cross-Fit, down a driveway.
      • I haven’t tested out the wifi, as I usually like to work offline in these spaces. I use the time for writing my own content, rather than consuming other content.
      • As these are small businesses who welcome workers, it’s polite to purchase drinks and/or food while you are working here. This is just good manners really, as these friendly owners have to pay rent, after all. But, as the food is great, it’s no hardship I assure you.

Do you know of any other free co-working spaces in Logan City that I should try out? Have you tried working in these spaces?

Hope you have a great week in business. Carolyn

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